Friends wifeseven being new to me demanded my help

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Friends wifeseven being new to me demanded my help

Let me call myself patna! Well the story is about /wife/friends-wife/my-friends-wife/">my friends wife -PUJA. BEFORE I start my story a brief about PUJA would be in place. I have a friend called Bikesh! Not actually a friend! An ex-colleague. He was desperately trying for an international posting. Having worked and traveled extensively, He obviously approached me for help. I was reluctant to help, as I knew that he was a total drunkard. 

He had taken me to a bar for recommendations and as usual was OUT. The bar where we sat was very close to his house and looking at his state I had to help him reach his home. On reaching his house we was greeted by his wife Puja. Since I was drunk too I had to leave him at his house and beat a hasty retreat as I knew Bikesh had frequent fights with his wife over his drinking habit. I had totally forgotten about all this. And one day I had to go to a government organization for official work. My files got a very fast clearance and the approval was with the top most official. I was surprised as it was against the usual govt slow procedure. Since I had to go to get the approval from the top boss I went in the office to find Puja seated there. She asked me to lock-up the door as she wanted to discuss something personal with me. 

So I bolted the door. On seating she asked me if there are any job openings in any countries as she knew that Bikesh was desperate go out. I told her of the real reason for not recommending him(Bikesh's habitual drinking). On the revelation she suddenly started crying. It was when she tried to wipe off her tears with her Duppatta that I noticed how well she was endowed by god. I knew shecouldn't be more than 28 yrs old. Immediately I came to know that this is one fairy tale turned sour (Later I came to know that she had a love marriage with Bikesh, against the approval of their families). To get my file and approval quicker I slowly went to her side of the desk and as a solace put my hand on her desk and patted. She suddenly took my hand and looked into my eyes. Her reaction was totally out of place and unexpected. I let my hand stay on the desk while she held it firmly. She said that she was cornered because of her situation. She told me that Bikesh would drink everyday and come home and crash into the bed. Because hers was an arranged marriage shecouldn't leave him and go to her fathers place. I told her that we need to discuss about Bikesh a little more and took her appointment in the evening (Luckily it was a Friday) So at the appointed time i.e. at 7.00 pm I was waiting for her at the designated place. 

And Puja came right on time. But she had changed to a light blue (Almost sky blue) saree with a dark blue Blouse. Hmmmmm! Because of the contrast her boobs were very prominent and for the /first-time/">first time I had a stirring in my pants. I just wished that I get the approval fast (She was to come with the approval at the hotel). We sat and ordered for dinner. During dinner she told me her /sad/">sad story. After dinner I volunteered to drop her home. On reaching there she asked me to come up to her home. On going I was surprised to find no one.Bikesh had gone on tour (He is in Marketing). After seating she asked me if I cared for a drink. Before I proceed now I think it is right to describe Puja. Age: 28 Yrs, Qualification: PhD, Colour: Fair, Height:5'8, Well made, smart, intelligent, seemed honest (Though working for govt) I readily agreed. She poured a glass of orange juice and brought it. We were seated on a sofa. She once again started crying. I instantly went to her side and put my hand over her shoulder. She burst into tears. I just patted her shoulder. And kept my hand there. She tried to calm down and moved to rest her back. In that movement my hand was in such a position that my elbow rested on her boobs. She was breathing heavily after the bout of crying. And her boobs were moving up and down. I liked the feeling of her boobs caressing my elbow. 

She was now almost calm and suddenly she turned to me and looked straight in my eyes and said'Doesn't a /women/">women have feelings'. Her look was so intense that I took her face in my arms. She suddenly wrapped herself against me. Oh I was all ready. I gently kissed her on her forehead and then kissed her hesitantly on her lips. Manali responded back and was obviously in heat. She kissed me deeply. She took my hand and placed it on her thighs. Now! I am a gentleman but this is too much to restrain the animal within me. I started to massage her thighs. She was kissing me deeply. I lost no time. I grabbed her left boobs and was caressing her initially but started crushing them in earnest. Wow! She had a pair that perfectly fitted my hands. I immediately kissed her blouse. And my hands were up her saree. I was caressing her left buttock and kissing her right boob. She was not sitting idle as well. She had already opened my zipper and was massaging my cock. Now that the mutual intentions were clear we took a little time for the initial tide to subside. She suggested that we bathe together. So we had taken off our clothes and were totally nude in the shower. I caressed her all over and while we were in the shower she dropped to her knees. She was not playing with my cock, which was very hard. Now being /new/new-porn/new-to-porn/">new to porn, I do know my cock is 8"x 4"in size. 

But I guess it is big enough to satisfy. She immediately took one of my balls in her mouth and started kissing it ardently. Then she shifted to my prick. She was kissing it as if she was eating a chocolate. Slurping, sucking, massaging the balls with her hands. All the time the water was running all over us. I grabbed her hairs and brought her closer to my belly, So that more of my cock goes in her mouth). She was looking very good from that aerial view. I could see the outlines of her bareback and her boobs. She brought me in less than a minute. And yes! Shedidn't swallow my cum at all. Nevertheless She did hold my prick in her mouth during my orgasm. After my cock was limp she stood up. I caressed her a lot and asked her to lie on her back. The shower was falling on her stomach. I immediately started kissing her all over. First he mouth, then her boobs. Wow they were so nice. Not hard nor soft. JUST RIGHT. Her nipples were demanding as well. I sucked her nipples till she cried to go further. Then I kissed her Stomach and for the first time said'OH! PUJA YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL'. She replied by turning on her back. Now I had a complete view of her buttocks. Wow they were PURFECT. I almost crushed her with my rubbing. Then I asked her to turn again. Now I started kissing her pussy. I ate her well. She had a bush full of hair. Well we were full hd xvideo download normal so she had not shaved her puss. But I did enjoy. After she came torridly we dried each other with the towels. Then we went back to the bed! Now manali and me were ready for the real thing. With almost half an hour past my orgasm, my cock was paining a bit. 

So I started with /foreplay/">foreplay, and her response was massive. She was in heat. She was like a wild animal. She made me sleep in my back and kissed me all over. Now my cock was fully erect and ready to find its right position. She instinctively knew it. She took my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and put it in her pussy. Now she was riding me. Wow! Manali on me, In front of me, Outside ME. Since manali was riding me I could see her boobs bounce. I cupped them and got up slightly to kiss her nips. Now our bodies were perfectly moulded against each other. Not an inch of space was there between us. After about 5 minutes of free porn movies download pure unision, I lifted her and fucked her in standing position till I could no longer bear her weight. The I tried to rest Manali on the bed. We lost contact and she laughed at the mishap. I suddenly asked her to do it doggy style. I had to train her and we had to maneuver a lot to get it right. But it was worth it. We fucked in almost every position (I even had her in her arse), making sure that we just are on the cliff each time without falling. Then almost after 15' 20 minutes of making love we decided that its time to take the plunge. We regained the normal position and after 3' 5 minutes came into each other's arms. After that we dressed and took leave. I was prompt to respond to her quick approval of tender by finding Bikesh a job overseas. Nowadays! Bikesh is out of India and Puja is available for me at all times.