It all Started with a Kiss

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It all Started with a Kiss

It all Started with a Kiss...

Ah, the famous first lines of any romantic story. The rustic mountian hikeing trail hid us from public eyes, and we felt free to express our feelings for one another. Slowly he leans in and kisses me with tenative lips and tounge," This isnt your first kiss?" I ask. "First /kissing/real-kiss/">real kiss..yes." I couldnt belive it I was being driven absolutlely /crazy/">crazy by a guy whod never been kissed before. But his isnt intended to be romantic.

Oh, let me introduce myself my names Violet. Im a 18 yr old high school student in of all places the Bible Belt of America. So why am I in the woods on a Sunday morning kissing a boy when Im supossed to be in church?

Well to make a long story short I dont really agree with the community .. they think Im a bit of a slut. Theyd be right too. Ive fucked and sucked half the men in this town since I was 16. I simply cant help myself. Once I got a taste of cock it was all I craved. I have my older sisters boyfriend to thank for that, if he hadnt followed me into the shower that day Id still be an innocent. Not that Im complaining.
I had just climbed out of the pool, and was making my way to my room for a change of clothes before heading to the shower to rinse off when I walked in xxx sex video download free com on Vince my sisters 19 yr old boyfriend. He was naked and stroking his cock while watching my /sister/">sister strip for him in the room we shared. "EEE...Excuse Me" I stammered and quickly shut the door.

I ran to the bathroom and shut the door fast .. I couldnt believe what I just saw and more to the point I couldnt believe what I was feeling. As I stepped into the shower I started to calm down .. until I pictured what Id just seen in my head. The size of his cock while not mostrous to look at as I had been led to believe was about 7 to 8 inches long and about 3 of my fingers put together wide. The whole scene in fact of watching him touch himself had turned me on .. and I couldnt help but touch myself imagining that it was his hands cupping my breasts and pulling at my nipples. My hands had a mind of thier own it seemed. I quickly found my fingers playing with my clit, it felt so good I didnt hear the door open and Vince walk in.

I heard the shower door open up too late and there he stood, just looking at me. "What are you doing in here?" I screamed at him, while trying to cover myself with my hands. He just kept looking at me. Then he stepped in the shower and and closed the door.

I was petrified, naked in the shower with my sisters boyfriend. What if she comes in? "Your sister asked me to come in here and expalin some things to you Vi." Thats all he said, and then he cupped his hands along my jaw pulled me closer and kissed me. My hands having a mind of thier own at this point went right to his cock and started stroking him like Id seen him doing while watching my sister. As our lips parted I looked up at him and asked "What do I do now?" He only responded by placing his hands on my shoulders and gently urgeing me down to my knees. Still looking up at him he says "Take it in your mouth." The taste was incredible and the feel of his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock sliding past my virgin lips so hard and yet the skin was so soft, I was hooked. I tried that /first-time/">first time to take him all in my mouth. I wanted all of him I could get. My efforts were rewarded with a soft moan and his hands on my head holding my hair away from my face for him to look down at me.
I was being so /bad/">bad and I loved it.

Minutes seemed like hours in that shower and I felt him pull back out of my mouth and gently pull me to my /feet/">feet. "Turn around." was all he said. His hands urgeing me once again to do his bidding. I felt him reach under me and slip a finger in my pussy from the back. The feeling made me bend slightly forward as to give him better access to what he wanted.

"Seeing me naked really got to you didnt it Vi?" he whispered in my ear. All I could do was whimper some afirmative sound, his finger felt so good and I was so wet. My hands reached back once again and took hold of his cock. "You want that again dont you?" he asked. All I could do was nod. I was so hot and my body was craving something. I felt the urge to press my thighs together, to have something fill the void that I was suddenly feeling in my crotch. I guided his cock to my pussy just letting it slide between my lips and tickle my clit. I knew what was comming and I wanted it, so I moved forward and positioned him at my entrance.

The feel of a cock, his cock, slidng into my pussy for the first time was sheer wonder, and I gasp at the feeling. I also came immediately from the anticipation alone. Then he stared to move, and he moved well. Pumping in and out of me, I had hardly felt any pain when my hymen broke form the force of his entry. I had been in the middle of an orgasm when I was deflowered. He moved in and out and I began to meet his thrusts wanting more. His thrusts became harder more forcefull and I knew if he kept this up I was gonna cum again. My hand snaked down to my clit and frigged it furiously. I was panting and moaning with delight, the walls of my pussy hugging him tightly as my orgasm crept closer and closer. His cock was getting harder I could feel it. He was gonna cum, and I was on the verge of a mind blowing orgasm myself. My knees were weak and he was guiding me by my hips back and forth on his manhood. My world exploded from my pussy outward, a paralyzing orgasm shook through me and my inner walls pulsated around his rod. He thrust into me one hard time and I felt for the first time what it feels like to have a man cum inside you. I came again from the feeling of his cock throbbing, and his cum painting the inner walls of my vagina. Making me a Woman.

As he pulled out I turned around and sank to my knees taking his member in my mouth once again tasting his cum mixed with mine. I cleaned his cock with lips and tounge as it slowly deflated, milking him.
Vince then helped me to my feet and kissed me once again soft and tender hugged me close and whispered in my ear " Dont forget what youve been told today, alright?" I simply nodded my head and he left the bathroom.

After that day I took some time to quietly reflect on what happened, and what his words and actions spurred on by my sister meant. I began to see the whole world in an erotic sense. what would it be like to be with this guy or that one .. the fact that they were married wasent a concern of mine. It made the aspect all the more interesting.

I asked my sister "Why?" one day and she said sexxxx video ful hd "Your like me Vi too young to be in this stuffy old town full of people who have been doing the same thing year after year .. if left up to safe societys standards youd be a virgin bride, with several children hanging from your skirts while your husband went to work, cheated on you and you stayed home and kept his house. This way you have an edge .. go experiment with it its the one gift I can give you that will mean something .. its yours to make of what you will."

In the years leading up tothe present I have and it has caused quite the stir. My sister moved away with Vince. I visit from time to time. Nothing like that first time has happened since though. I thank her and him for "Explaining things" so well to me.

I can only hope that the guy Im with now in the woods will "Understand" as well as I did.