My Lust Got Fulfilled 1

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My Lust Got Fulfilled 1

I was in the shower playing with my manhood, thinking about my previous day sex experience with Parineeti. Suddenly my cell phone rang which made me come back to real world. I was bit frustrated but nevertheless picked up the call. A /sweet/">sweet but a /lady/sexy-lady/">sexy lady voice made me realize that she could be my prospective client. I wished her and asked if I could be of any help. She hesitantly asked my details and whereabouts and asked me if I am free the next day. I replied in affirmation. She asked me to wait for her phone call. The next day morning the phone again rang and she asked me if I can be her escort for the whole day. I asked her to pick me up from a mall nearby my place and she agreed to it.

We met at around 10 am, she was in her mid 30s and her look were that of a normal /indian/">indian woman with height 57" and a usual figure of 30, 26, 32. For my luck she was my dream lady whom I wanted to have sex with. All these years I had sex only with ladies who were sex bomb, rich and page 3 kind.

I just got used to of the tantrums thrown by those ladies but with lots of frustrations deep inside me. Now here I am with a lady who is bit homely but suave. Sharp features normal appearance and bit sexy. I was really excited about this date.

As soon as we met, she greeted me gracefully and anxiously. It white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie seemed as if it was her first date with a person other than her husband. She asked me to sit in the car and began to drive it. There was an unknown silence for a few second and to break the what seem to be a long silence I asked her about her interest and hobbies. She was quiet reluctant but my chats made her comfortable in few minutes. We were heading towards an outskirts of AJMER. We soon reached a resort and she gave me the key to open the huge gate of the resort. It was an 7  orchid with 3bhk residence within the premises. She parked the car and asked me to follow her.

We now entered the residential area and she politely asked me to have something to drink for which I refused. We had a long chat and during the conversation I found her husband was a multimillionaire and though he spends nights with her, satiating her physical need , he does not have time to satisfy her emotional quotients.

I was bit worried why I am called here for. I then asked her the same to which she replied that few of my female clients are her friends and they only suggested you believing that I satisfy female more emotionally than physically. It is a well known fact that sexual encounters last not more than 15 to 20 minute irrespective of the size of penis If last long it becomes painful, cumbersome and burdensome. Rest of the time you need to satisfy female in pre sexual acts and post sexual acts like foreplays. This was the reason I got frequent calls from my clients.

We induge into chit chat for a while and she asked me to accompany her to a nearby tourist place Pushkar. We again started off to Pushkar which was around 5 Km from the resort. We parked the car near a cafe and roamed around the bazaars of Pushkar eating, chatting and purchasing. Soon she got acclimatized to my behavior and was getting bolder. She touched my hands several times and finally caught hold of it. We were roaming like love birds the entire day. She said that she enjoyed my company and after years she has someone to share her feeling with.

We reached the cafe to pick the car at around 7pm. As soon as we sat in the car she gave me huge hug to which I replied by kissing her on forehead. 

We reached the resort and were really exhausted. She asked me to take a bath and escorted me to the bathroom. I asked her to wait outside so that I can check if the things are working properly. It was a part of my plan. . . . .  I opened all my clothes except my undies and cried aloud that the shower is not working. She immediately rushed into the bathroom and seeing me in undies got wonderstruck and about to leave I caught hold of her hand and ask for help in starting the shower. She shyly came inside and turned on the shower. Here she was all drenched. She was stunningly hot and I could see her curves clearly. The saree and the blouse she wore were bit transparent and had become more transparent when soaked in water. It was high time and I need to indulge her in the activity for which I was hired. So I told her not to be shy as now we are more than a friend.

She saw my buldging undewear and was bit nervous. I pulled her in the shower and and started kissing her neck and shoulder bone. Moved further and took her ear lobe in my mouth and began to suck it. It was a great turn on for her and now she moved her lips towards mine and we were lip locked. After a minute or two she was gasping for breath. I undid her wet saree and began to give love bites on her cleavage. She was breathing hot and heavily. I began to circle nipples with my figures and forcibly put her hand on my penis which want to be free after the entire days futile exercise. She began to rub her palm over my covered penis. I meanwhile unzipped her blouse and untied her peticot. She was now in her undergarments with water flowing over her body . I lowered my lips to her nipple and without touching them began to drink water flowing pass through her nipples. Alternatively I was blowing hot air on her nipples which arouse her so much that she tore my undy and freed my erected genital. I got the hint that now she is ready for the show

I began to pump her breast softly to which she responded by jerking my penis with soft hands. Bending a bit I began to massage her belly button with my wet salivary tongue. Her body stiffened and the pinkish brown nipples with massive areolas began to swell. I moved further to her /hairy/hairy-pussy/">hairy pussy and gave a loud kiss and poked my nose in her vagina which smells great. Nose fucking made her roll her legs and began to enjoy every moment of this unforgettable shower.

I raised myself up and asked whether she was enjoying. She shy away and I knew she enjoyed it. I asked her about /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex but she refused as she know nothing about it.  Her husband come home only to use her as fuck machine.
I picked her up and moved out of the bathroom and placed her gently on the king-size bed. I stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv began to explain her about oral sex through some of the videos in my mobile which she watched curiously.

I asked her to moisturize her soft hand and pour few drops of it on my penis which she did like an obedient student and began to role her figures and palms on my penis as shown in the video. I was in cloud nine. She was messaging and jerking my penis as If she were a /master/">master of it.

After few minutes I asked her to lie down with silky legs wide open. I began to massage her vagina . She became /hot/red-hot/">red hot and all the nerves and veins of her neck were visible. I patted her vagina a few times which sent shivers to her brain.
I asked her about the refrigerator and ask her to bring an ice cube. She did that and I put the ice cube in my mouth. Parting the lips of her vagina I began to blow cold air on her peanut size clitoris. She began to roll in /ecstasy/">ecstasy.

I caught hold of her clitoris with my lips and began to suck and blow it alternately. She said she was enjoying every bit of it. Then was the turn to /tongue/tongue-fuck/">tongue fuck her. Rolling my tongue on her vagina lips my slippery tongue entered her vagina and began to explore the entire vagina.
It was her turn now, she began to role her tongue over my penis and my penis got stiffened.  After playing with my dick which she seldom did to her husband took it whole in her mouth. I began to /mouth/mouth-fuck/">mouth fuck her softly so that she gets a chance to breath. This continued for few minutes and there she was craving to have my penis in her honey pot.

I put my penis on the gate of her honey pot and in a little push I was all in. The precum and love juices made the things easier. 

I began the thumping in a way to get her vagina acclimatized to the size of my penis. Stopped a bit and forced my penis more into vagina touching the last wall of her vagina. I put more pressure on my and her pelvic bone so that penis continue to touch her vaginal wall with a force. She was moaning loudly and I began to thump her pussy with full force. After fucking her for five minutes I asked her to put a condom on my penis.